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Try as I might, I just can't bring myself to respect people who want to regulate what kind of sex adults have in private. It is also clear from this sampling that the only justification for retaining sodomy laws is anti-gay animus, despite the application of most laws to heterosexuals as well.

Wackos emailing

  • "You can get all the world to repeal its sodomy laws, but Gods will still
    be in effect when you stand before him in judgement." 
  • - Roger D. Wray

[How many Gods? -Bob]

A real fundraising letter sent to

Wackos in the News

Really wacko websites

The antiporn guy:

People who didn't hear about the civil war:

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Or for just discussions related to sodomy law repeal, try the email list "sodomylawrepeal" which does not allow anti-gay rants.

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Christian sex guides recommending sodomy, but only for married heterosexuals:

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