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June 2003

Ready for a Gay GOP?

Dear Friend of FRC,

How do you feel about the Republican Party flirting with the homosexual lobby?

What would you think if the Republican Party became a virtual mirror image of the Democrats when it comes to its position on special rights for homosexuals?

Even more to the point—how ready are you for the GOP to abandon its historic commitment to traditional moral values, including man-and-woman-only marriage, for the sake of winning a few gay votes?

I’ll tell you how I feel about all this—and it’s probably the same way you feel.

I am extremely disappointed by Republican leaders’ recent failure to stand up to intolerant radical homosexuals and to defend the party’s most basic pro-family principles.

In fact, it seems that some so-called “big tent” Republicans think they can have it both ways: both accommodate gay activists and their extreme anti-family, anti-free speech agenda and retain the loyalties of the conservative voters who put President Bush in the White House and Republicans in control of both houses of Congress.

It cannot happen. Either the Republican party stays true to its core principles or, I am convinced, millions of conservatives who thought their values had a home in the GOP will stay home next election day.

And that is why I am writing to ask you to help the Family Research Council mount an intense and focused effort to persuade Republican leaders to stop courting the radical homosexual lobby before they take over and destroy the GOP.

To help us communicate this clear and unmistakable message, please sign the two important documents I have enclosed and return them to my attention today. We will tabulate your and our other friends’ response to this special effort, then deliver your signed messages to the two people who urgently need to receive them.

The first, a Message of Support, is to Sen. Rick Santorum. The second, a Statement of Concern and Opposition, is to Marc Racicot, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

First, let me tell you why chairman Racicot needs to understand that he must stop acting as if the GOP wants and needs the input and votes of gay extremists. As you may know by now, Chairman Racicot held a secret meeting with the leaders of the Human Rights Campaign last March. The HRC is the biggest and most influential gay rights group in America—a group that constantly and viciously attacks conservative Christians and groups like the Family Research Council.

Incredibly, when news of the secret meeting leaked out through a gay newspaper, Chairman Racicot’s official spokesman defended the meeting and said the RNC chairman was “honored” to meet with the homosexual lobbying group!

Strange. I have never felt particularly “honored” to come face-to-face with the Human Rights Campaign. I have debated HRC President Elizabeth Birch on television. She and her organization are extremist in every sense of the word and have utter contempt for those of us who oppose her radical views on homosexuality.

More than that, the Human Rights Campaign wants to implement its agenda no matter what you or the majority of Americans think about homosexuality and its disastrously negative impact on individuals, families, children, and society. Right now, the HRC is actively promoting same-sex “marriage;” federal and state “hate crime” laws that would punish you for having the “wrong” thoughts about homosexuals; the teaching of homosexuality to every public school child; the “right” of lesbians and homosexuals to adopt children, and much more.

In addition, the HRC opposed and sought to defeat the confirmation of Timothy Tymkovich, nominated by President Bush to the federal appeals court, and is working to block confirmation of several other Bush judges.

So clearly, the HRC is not just another benign special interest group seeking to advance its views. It is a key player on the political left. It is a radical organization working to advance an extremist agenda at odds with the Republican party platform and the views of the overwhelming number of rank-and-file, pro-family Americans.

So why would the chairman of the Republican Party risk alienating this base of GOP support?

Because some of the party’s most influential movers and shakers think the party is not “inclusive enough” and to gain more votes and win more elections they must make concessions to the radical gay agenda.

Unfortunately, Chairman Racicot is one of these leaders. In fact, he is so committed to his views that he is actually using his authority to silence and punish fellow party members who won’t embrace the GOP leadership’s new “gay-friendly” stance.

For instance, Chairman Racicot is quoted in Washington’s gay newspaper as saying he would not tolerate what he calls “gay baiting” ads by Republican candidates who defend marriage and family. In last year’s elections, GOP bosses took the unprecedented step of warning some congressional candidates they would lose party funding if they dared to utter a word about issues involving homosexuality.

This is amazing—a Republican party chairman and his underlings gagging candidates so they don’t articulate the party’s own platform! But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Does the name Mary Matalin ring a bell with you?

Married to Democrat partisan James Carvi1le, Bill Clinton’s 1992 and 1996 campaign manager, Matalin until recently was Vice President Dick Cheney’s top political advisor. Ms. Matalin is a driving force behind the Republican’s pro-homosexual strategy. Here are some recent direct quotes by Mary Matalin that reveal where she and others want to take the party:

“The [Republican] Party has to come to the consensus that to discriminate or even be judgmental about gays is plain wrong.”

“If science is in any way part of your life, you just can’t agree with
[Christians] about homosexuality.”

“We are here to honor gay and lesbian Republican ... to be a real conservative is to be pro-gay.”

Mary Matalin couldn’t be more wrong. Yet I have no doubt that her harsh rhetoric and powerful influence within the party helps explain the GOP’s near total silence as Sen. Rick Santorum was attacked last April.

This brings me to the second enclosed document—a Message of Support to Senator Santorum— which I ask you to sign and return to me as soon as you can. This outstanding pro-family conservative and good friend of the Family Research Council needs to know you support him and want him to be a vocal defender of the GOP’s pro-family principles against attacks by homosexual activists who want to bend the party to their radical agenda.

I’m sure you recall how Senator Santorum ignited a firestorm in April when he commented on the homosexual sodomy case, Lawrence v. Texas, that is now before the Supreme Court. The Family Research Council filed a friend of the court brief in this case about the dangers of granting a constitutional “right to privacy” to engage in homosexual sodomy.

In an interview with an Associated Press reporter, Senator Santorum expressed his views about this case, articulating both FRC’s position and the position of the Supreme Court itself in a 1986 ruling that upheld state sodomy laws!

Homosexual activists—and even some Republicans!—poured scorn on Senator Santorum and even demanded his removal from Senate leadership. You would think his own party would have defended him. But did you read even a word of support from Chairman Racicot? Even the White House only mustered a few tepid words of support, and then it scheduled a “briefing” for the Log Cabin Republicans a few days later.

Yes, you read that correctly. Within mere days of the Santorum tempest, the White House hosted 200 members of this homosexual lobbying group for a “policy briefing.” The Log Cabin Republicans were among the leaders of the attack on Senator Santorum. In fact, following the White House meeting, Log Cabin members unleashed even more venom, calling Senator Santorum’s remarks “stupid.” Another member quoted in the New York Times said Senator Santorum’s views are “not really representative of what the Republican Party is moving toward. I think we are the future of the Republican Party, people like us.”

Are they really? Unfortunately, that is very much an open question right now. But I will tell you what is not in question, and that is a party cannot stand for two opposite things. As Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, famously observed, a house divided against itself cannot stand. Neither can a political party divided against itself long endure.

And so I ask you today to send a message to the only party that, on paper at least, through its platform and other position statements, still professes to reflect your pro-family, pro-life values.

I can assure you that there are far more pro-family conservatives in America than there are radical homosexuals. And the Republican Party needs to understand that it has everything to lose if it continues to pander to homosexual extremists while ignoring your and my concerns.

To be blunt: The Republican Party can’t have it both ways. Conservatives did not put President Bush in the White House and Republicans in Congress to promote an anti-family, anti-Christian agenda at the behest of extremist groups like the Human Rights Campaign.

So please sign and return your Statement of Concern and Opposition to Chairman Racicot telling him there is no “honor” in meeting with and acceding to any of the demands of the homosexual lobby. And sign and return your Message of Support to Senator Santorum, encouraging him to continue speaking the truth, as the conscience of his party, on the critical matter of gay rights.

And when you reply, please be sure to enclose a generous tax-deductible contribution to the Family Research Council. This is just one of dozens of costly battles we are fighting in Washington right now. But with your financial support, which we urgently need during the financially “dry” summer months, I am confident we can prevail.

I firmly believe this, in part, because of the Family Research Council’s recent highly successful leadership in stopping the “Global AIDS” bill that would have pumped $15 billion into pro-abortion and pro-homosexual organizations. Under pressure from FRC and other pro-family groups, the White House and House Republicans came around and supported key amendments which denied the radical anti-family left the billions they wanted. One conservative member of Congress called our last-minute victory a “miracle.” (Read the details in your June FRC Washington Watch.)

And that’s what I’m counting on again—a victory for the family in this incredibly important battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Please do your part to help make it happen. Send your most generous contribution and your signed messages to Chainnan Racicot and Senator Santorum today. Thank you, and God bless you.

Kind regards, 


Ken Connor

P.S.  One final note-Republican National Committee Chairman Marc Racicot met with the Family Research Council and other pro-family groups in early May. We expressed our profound concern over the party’s drift toward accommodating homosexual extremists and ignoring pro-family conservatives. Chairman Racicot heard the message, but he needs to hear it again and again—from you and from thousands of other Family Research Council supporters. Mail your Statement of Concern and Opposition today with your contribution to help us win this most important battle!

No Gay GOP!

 [ ] Ken, I share your deep concern about the Republican Party's flirtation with radical homosexual activists. To help the Family Research Council continue all of its critical efforts in Washington including insisting that party leaders stop selling out the GOP's historic pro-family positions, which can never be reconciled with the intolerant homosexual agenda, I enclose my tax-deductible contribution of:

[ ]$20   [ ]$15   [ ]$30   [ ] $____________

[ ] I have enclosed my signed messages to Sen. Rick Santorum and
Republican National Committee Chainnan Marc Racicot.

THANK YOU! Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law. To make your gift by credit cant, please see the reverse side.


Message of Support

Sen. Rick Santorum
120 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Santorum,

As an active supporter of the Family Research Council, I commend you for plainly stating the truth about the impact of the homosexual agenda in your media comments about Lawrence v. Texas. I appreciate your strong and outspoken support for traditional morality and the institution of marriage. Despite the unwarranted personal attacks against you by gay radicals and their apologists—even those within your own party!—I hope you will continue to boldly speak the truth and hold the Republican Party to its historic pro-family platform. Please don’t be cowed into silence! Tell Republican Party leaders that they will lose the support of people like me, who oppose special rights for homosexuals and don’t want the GOP to compromise on this important issue.

 Statement of Concern and Opposition

Chainnan Marc Racicot
Republican National Committee
301 First Street, SE
Washington, D.C. 20003

As an active supporter of the family Research Council, I am writing to express my disappointment over the Republican Party’s flirtation with radical homosexual groups. You should have strongly supported Sen. Rick Santorum when homosexual activists and other intolerant leftists attacked him. And I am astonished at your remarks to the Human Rights Campaign. HRC’s anti-family, anti-free speech, anti-marriage radicalism runs completely contrary to the GOP Platform and the deeply held views of millions of pro-family conservatives like me. Please allow me to remind you that pro-family conservatives—not homosexual activists—are most responsible for putting George Bush in the White House and Republicans in control of both houses of Congress. They are the future of the Republican Party. So please stop betraying pro-family conservatives by pandering to gay activists. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of my views.

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