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Letter: From Public-Health Standpoint, Sodomy Laws Make Sense

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, July 13, 2003
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With all the recent discussion about sodomy laws, I decided to look up the official definition. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Sodomy is derived from the homosexual proclivities of the men of the city of Sodom from the Biblical account in Genesis 19:1-11.”

Gay activists claim that they have a right to engage in consensual sexual activities in private. Looking at it from a public-health viewpoint, I have to disagree. It is well documented, and ex-gay men have confirmed, that the typical gay man (there are exceptions, of course) has frequent episodes of anal sex with other men, often with many different men.

The tissues of the rectal lining are easily traumatized. The tiniest breaks in this thin lining allow contamination and germs immediately into the bloodstream. Therefore, homosexual men have very high rates of hepatitis B, “Gay Bowel Syndrome,” STDs, and AIDS. Sodomy is so unhealthy that if a man has had sex even once with another man since 1977, he cannot donate blood, even if a condom was used.

The February 6 issue of Rolling Stone magazine documented the growing phenomenon of “bug-chasing”: gay men who want to get infected with HIV actively seek out, through the Internet, men who have it. The reasoning is that once they get it, they can just live an uninhibited sex life without fear of the virus. Also, the danger of it seems to make sex more exciting for them.

The article quotes Dr. Marshall Forstein, from Fenway Community Health in Boston: “We’re killing each other. We have to take responsibility for this as a community.”

Lesbian Tammy Bruce, author of “The Death of Right and Wrong,” asks, “Why do gay men insist on killing themselves by going back to the bathhouses?” Also, she laments the high suicide and drug-abuse levels among gays, even in San Francisco, where homosexuality is embraced.

I believe that sodomy laws are not irrational or ignorant, but have a protective function. Perhaps this letter will be perceived as hateful and bigoted. However, as a Christian I am deeply concerned for homosexuals and I long for them to know the real, living, cleansing, healing power of Jesus Christ.

—Carrie Tyer, Stafford

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