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Gay’s Consecration Raises Questions

Hendersonville Times-News, October 25, 2003
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The reality is that the issue of confirming an avowedly and proudly homosexual bishop in the Episcopal Church is way beyond the confines of Anglicanism. All theology must speak to it.

A Google search on sodomy reveals some 16 states still having laws making it a felony in one form or another. The Supreme Court struck down a Texas law on the subject, but it is not clear whether all laws on the subject are voided. North Carolina will apparently prosecute on a selective basis.

A second reality is what happens to bishop and friend, and to church, if they should somehow fall afoul of the law in one of those states? By extension, does this mean church leadership to repeal those laws? How about passing laws respecting church-blessed same-sex relationships, also approved by the Episcopal convention?

Reality No. 3 is will the church furnish guidance to mom and dad on how to respond to questions from young son and daughter given generally accepted contrary Biblical admonitions? People at this level of visible moral authority cannot avoid “role model” status.

Can the Bible retain its theological authority? What’s next?

Reality seems to have taken a holiday.

- Fielding G. Lucas, Hendersonville

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