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Demands Won’t Stop

The Columbian, June 28, 2004
P. O. Box 180, Vancouver, WA 98666
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Do not expect that issuing marriage licenses to same-sex applicants will be the end of the controversy over homosexual rights. Demanding legal marriage is simply the current means homosexual activists are using to force the majority of society to accept deviant sexual conduct as normal behavior. If the homosexual community succeeds in legalizing sodomy, they will continue to push for more.

Canada, for example, has already enacted legislation that makes it a crime punishable by up to two years in prison for anyone who publicly makes verbal or written statements that could be construed as inciting hatred against a homosexual. “Inciting hatred” has been interpreted to mean openly expressing a negative opinion about homosexuality. Thus ends freedom of speech in Canada.

The same thing could happen here in America. In a politically correct society that debates the constitutionality of saying, “under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance, forbids praying in school and promotes abortion and homosexual marriages, who will next be targeted as being intolerant, prejudiced and hateful?

—William J. Bynum, Vancouver

Washington state legalized sodomy in 1976. -Bob

Allow Civil Unions as Legal

The Columbian, July 1, 2004
P.O. Box 180, Vancouver, WA 98666
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In his June 28 letter, “Demands won’t stop,” William J. Bynum wrote, “If the homosexual community succeeds in legalizing sodomy, they will continue to push for more.” The U.S. Supreme Court has said that gays have the right to intimate relationships so there is no ‘if’ about that. As long as we protect religious freedom in America, no one need fear censorship unless it crosses the line into inciting violence against gays. Of course that means that Bynum will have to respect my religion, too, which is supportive of gays and gay relationships, if he wants me to respect his.

Much of the activism that is currently in the news would vanish tomorrow if civil marriage was allowed for gays. Religious conservatives fighting to ban it will inevitably create a patchwork of marriage-like alternatives (domestic partnerships, civil unions) which will be popular with heterosexual couples who find them a compromise between shacking up and marriage.

–Wendy Wartes, Woodinville

Speaking Against Gay Marriage Won’t Get You Jailed in Canada

Grand Forks Herald, July 27, 2004
Box 6008, Grand Forks, ND 58206
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I have noticed a couple of letters to the editor recently claiming that speaking publicly against gay marriage is a hate crime in Canada.

No matter how often this lie is repeated, it will never become the truth.

The truth is that a section of the Criminal Code, aimed at the most extreme hate-mongers, now offers the same protections to gays and lesbians against people advocating genocide as it does to Jews and other minorities.

In the many years this law has been on the books, charges have been laid only 11 times, against neo-Nazis – and such charges may be laid only with the approval of the attorney general. Since sexual orientation was added to the list of grounds, no charges have been brought nor have there been any calls for charges against the many people and organizations publicly opposed to same-sex marriage. Moreover, the law specifically exempts religious opinions.

If any secular critics of gay marriage feel they cannot make their arguments without publicly advocating genocide or acts of violence towards gays and lesbians, one must surely question their motives.

– David Migicovsky, Toronto, Ontario

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