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God Help Our Children’s Children

The Jamaica Observer, February 27, 2005

Dear Editor,

Our forefathers failed us by allowing the deterioration of our values and attitudes, and this generation is ensuring that we fail our future generations even more. Let’s look back at 100 years and try to predict the next 100.

One hundred years ago, the age of consent was 21. Over the last few decades, the consent age has been reduced to the point where, in many countries, it is 12 years and goes as low as nine years in Iran.

Now, I question a jurisdiction wherein one is considered a minor before age 17, or the legal age to smoke cigarettes is 17 and to drink alcohol is 19, however a man can “get away” with having sex with a child of 14 if she says it is consensual.

I predict that in 100 years’ time there will be no set age of consent. One hundred years ago, homosexuality was seen as a disease or an abnormality for which help was sought, and for which there was a buggery law. Nudity and overt sexuality were never displayed in public or in the print media. Today, not only is homosexuality legal in a lot of countries, but they can now get married and adopt children.

Today, you can hardly turn on the TV without seeing graphic sex scenes. I shudder to think this, but I predict that in 100 years bi-sexuals will have lobbied for and gotten the right to marry both a man and a woman at the same time. There will be no bigamy laws, there will be nudist parks where people can walk around stark naked and even have their orgies right there in public view.

One hundred years ago, the laws of the scriptures and religious beliefs formed the foundation for the laws of the land. Biblical teaching was an integral part of social life.

Today, the pressure is on to ban prayer in schools and at public functions. Passages of scripture are being banned from public halls and there is now even talk of removing any mention of God from monetary notes, all in the name of “separation of church and state”.

I predict that in 100 years worship will only be allowed in the confines of a church or behind closed doors. God help the children of our children’s children.

Michael Leigh
Toronto, Canada

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