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I Don't Necessarly Hate Gay People but...

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003
From: “weshouldbegood”

I agree that people should not be killed for commiting [sic] sodomy. [How charming! I love when people I’ve never met don’t want to kill me!]

However, the Holy Bible is very clear that if you commit sodomy and don’t repent and stop what you are doing you will go to Hell for eternity. [Same thing for wearing cotton-polyester blends and eating shrimp scampi. You’ve really never had oral sex? Risk damnation. It will be good for your soul.]

I suppose you don’t believe in God, or believe in some spiritual force that you aren’t really sure of. [Thank you for your presumptions.]

What I know however, leads me to the conclusion that the perverted “enjoyment” of the act is not worth it in the long run as there are serious medical consequences: aids, [sic] cancer, other disease, physical damage, psychological illness, etc. associated with it. [Lesbians are the least likely group to get a sexually transmitted disease. Go Lesbians! AIDS is a worldwide problem devastating countless millions of heterosexuals, and a relatively small number of homosexuals. Prostate cancer is associated with lack of regular sex... Oh, you get the idea…]

Also, spiritually, it is recognized both in the Christian faith, Jewish faith, and it seems Islamic religion that people who commit sodomy will be judged for their actions, not enter Heaven, but be punished. As the Christian and Jewish faiths acknowledge the punishment will be eternal. [Quick, call your Rabbi! Bishop Robinson, paging Bishop Robinson!]

Now it doesn’t really make sense to give up eternity in Heaven for some perverted lust on Earth. [Ah, but heaven on Earth is another matter.]

I don’t necessarly [sic] hate gays [I don’t necessarily hate you. See aren’t we getting along well now?], but hate their actions, observing their actions as self-destructive. [A peeping tom!]

Why then are you gay? [Have you ever met a gay person?]

How do you rationalize your actions? [Faith doesn’t need reason, so why are you concerned about it?]

Do you just ignore scientific research condemning homosexuality as medically unhealthy? [Check with the American Medical Association, the World Health Organization, the Institute of Medicine, or in fact anyone with a medical degree.]

I just don’t understand why you would want to encourage something that is obviously destructive. [Hey, do I make fun of you for promoting Christianity as hateful? Oh, maybe I do.]

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response.

[Thanks for signing your email. It shows the courage of your convictions. –Bob Summersgill]

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