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Anti-Gay AD Campaigner Supports Sodomy Laws

GLAAD Media Round-Up: Same Facts, Different Takes

GLAAD Alert, August 6, 1998

The GLAADAlert is the weekly activation tool of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

… Nightline: Forrest Sawyer, substituting as host of ABC's Nightline on July 30, moderated a debate between Andrew Sullivan, editor the New Republic and Center for Reclaiming America Director Janet Folger, who engineered the ad campaign. Sullivan asked repeatedly whether Folger supports laws allowing imprisonment for having sex with someone of the same gender. After Folger gave several non-responsive answers, Sawyer pressed, "Ms. Folger, forgive me. He is asking the direct question, 'Do you support laws that advocate the imprisonment of people who engage in homosexual behavior?'" Folger answered, "I guess if you're looking at sodomy laws, there are sodomy laws on the books that I very much support."

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