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Concern About Camp

The Town Talk, February 13, 2003
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The Grant Parish community is rightly concerned about the homosexual encampment in the Pollock area. I do not condemn homosexuals; I do, in accord with the Bible, condemn the sin of homosexuality. I will pray for the salvation of the homosexual, which would solve this problem.

I will not take the time to list the civilizations that have been destroyed when the practice and toleration of sodomy has been embraced by the populace. Of equal or perhaps even greater concern to me and my congregation is the blatant advocacy for the expansion of this iniquitous place for purely economic reasons advocated by Fran Demers of the Grant Parish Chamber of Commerce. I would encourage the membership of this organization to restrain Demers if she does not speak for their individual points of view. If she does represent the view of the members of this group, I would like them to know that I also may make informed decisions regarding the use of my disposable income.

- The Rev. Jim Garlington, Pollock
The Rev. Jim Garlington is pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Pollock.

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