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Who Dares Believe Liberals This Time?

Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 24, 2003
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By John George

I’ve been reading with some interest all the viewpoints on the Texas sodomy ruling. It seems that our country—which we call a democracy, a nation ruled by a majority—has taken a turn to being a nation ruled by a minority.

Think back to the assurances of liberals at the time of the Roe vs. Wade decision, that this decision would not lead to wholesale killing of babies just for convenience. I wonder if there really are enough poor women and medical crises to warrant 6,000 abortions a day? Did someone lie to me then?

Now, I’m hearing all kinds of assurances again that this ruling, which the gay community is touting as an official validation of its lifestyle, will have no effect on family life as we know it.

Right after the Supreme Court decision, I read about a lower court judge throwing out the conviction of an 18-year-old man for having sex with a 14-year-old boy in a group home. Supposedly, the sex was “consensual.”

Since when is an adult having sex with a minor considered consensual? Maybe after this ruling? And is the significance that the sex in this case was homosexual the criterion that opens it up for reconsideration?

I find it interesting that there is a national gay organization that promotes man-boy love. I don’t know of any national organization that promotes man-girl love. In fact, I thought people who did these things were called pedophiles.

Is this decision going to be used to validate homosexual “educational experiences” for boys? How many fathers of adolescent and teenage boys would like their sons to be enrolled in such a course?

Does anyone know for sure what the outcome of this type of social engineering is going be? Am I really being told the truth this time?

  • John George, Northfield, Minn., is an interior designer.

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