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Mississippi Gay Lobby Calls for an Investigation into the Mississippi Based American Family Association and Donald Wildmon

Mississippi Gay Lobby, August 2, 2000
Jackson, MS

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jody Renaldo, 601-355-1296

JACKSON, MS — Mississippi Gay Lobby (MGL) is calling for an investigation by federal authorities, of Tupelo, Mississippi based American Family Association (AFA) and its’ director Donald Wildmon.

"We feel that the AFA has constituted and encouraged violence towards the gay community, not to mention publicly slandered an official of the United States government, calling for his arrest for breaking a sodomy law. They have no proof whatsoever, and we think it is very irresponsible of the AFA to be so hateful and ill-tempered.," said MGL Chairman Jody Renaldo. "For the AFA to call for the arrest of Representative Jim Kolbe, saying he has broken Arizona sodomy law, without proof is idiotic. Just because he is openly gay, does not provide proof that he has broken any sodomy law. Does the AFA think that gay people can’t practice abstinence? That abstinence is only reserved for straight people? We at MGL think that the AFA’s call for Representative Kolbe’s arrest, is at its’ best, debauchery and a form of treason. We will be making calls to the proper people of the federal government, to get this matter investigated. This is trademark of the AFA and we think it is time someone stood up against them and fought back. What better organization to take on the Mississippi based AFA, than another Mississippi based organization such as us?"

Renaldo said that he sent an email to the AFA concerning this matter and the reply from the AFA, totally avoided the content of his email to them. "The AFA, specifically Buddy Smith, in their reply to me, chose to discuss my greeting header in my email, instead of the matter at hand." The greeting header stated, "Gay (happy or homosexual? I am sure you will decide for me) Greetings....".

Mississippi Gay Lobby was formed in March of 2000 as the very first state chapter of MGL exists to educate gay Mississippians about their community, its’ history, and about issues of relevance to them. The organization also exists to educate the general public about the Mississippi gay community. Beyond this, Mississippi Gay Lobby works to advance the cause of full equality and civil rights for all members of the Mississippi gay community. MGL operates a website at [ 12/5/2004 -Bob]

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