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Sodom Old, Sodom New

A. M. Siriano, October 17, 2004

By Johnny D. Symon

When King Solomon stated, “There is nothing new under the sun,” he encapsulated all aspects of human thought and action. During times of war, propaganda and disinformation have always been present. The act of war takes place not only on the battle field with physical weapons, it takes place in the human psyche, individually and collectively.

In recent times propagandists utilized new weapons of communication, namely radio waves in the First World War under Kaiser Bill. Music would soar over the battle field in the dark of night, interspersed by a voice reasoning with its enemy about the futility of warfare and urging the soldier to turn and go home. The Second World War carried on in like manner, as did Korea and Nam.

Propaganda and disinformation took on an interesting hue when, back in the early 70’s, a U.S. military man returned from Nam with his cine-8 and his time of personal show-boatin’ to accuse his fellow soldiers of genocide and other evil acts. The enemy propagandist was now in our camp. The same tools were used, provided by media groups, and he even met up with the enemy in Paris to discuss further battle plans. His leadership buddies in the Viet Cong were pleased: it was a job well done for the cause of Communism. He then went on, after the war, to try to slow down the growth of the U.S. economy, by accusing U.S. industry of polluting the world and poisoning children.

Communists hate progress if that progress comes from a Western country. The United States had become Public Enemy No. 1, and first on the hit list of traitors is John Kerry …


The moral decline of America rests on the shoulders of yours truly and other conservatives, not on the shoulders of communists like John Kerry. Why? Because, as in the days of Israel of old, it is we who know the difference between right and wrong. Like the Israelites, we know that our safety and security rests on God and the Bible.

Sodomy is a fundamental evil in our society, an evil that led, biblically, to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. But knowing this fact has failed to stem the tide of sodomy in the United States. A few days after the pass over of that famous hurricane last month, a website in Savannah provided a questionnaire: “Why do you think Savannah was spared?” Well, Savannah houses one of America’s oldest synagogues and chapels. But more to the point, Savannah is part of the great State of Georgia, and Georgia is the only remaining state to legislate against sodomy.

Take a look at for a clear picture of the decline of the United States. This website provides a “world sodomy map”! Where sodomy is illegal, it is highlighted in red, indicating that the United States is free-range sodomite territory, except for a small patch of red on the bottom right corner that represents Georgia. Europe’s no different. It’s as white as leprosy! You have to look a little further south to view the countries that aren’t sodomite. Once you cast your eye over the Middle East and other regions that legislate against such a Satanic act, you’ll realize why our budding Islamic terrorists believe the rhetoric of “America is the land of Satan”—because, unfortunately they are correct in respect to our support of sodomites, and to our disregard for the consequences of their lifestyle.

50 percent of AIDS infections in the U.S. is caused by less than 10 percent of the American population—through sodomy—and the liberals promote it like hell. It’s an agenda of evil, and our legal defenses are more than breached. Apart from Georgia our walls of defense have collapsed like those of Jericho. We conservatives now take the place of the Lot of old.

Here’s are a few excerpts from Phyllis Schlafly’s excellent editorial Can Globalism Amend Our Constitution? from August 11, 2003:

[Chief Justice] Breyer gleefully told George Stephanopoulos … how the United States is changing “through commerce and through globalization … (and) through immigration,” and that this change is having an impact on the courts. He speculated on “the challenge” of whether our U.S. Constitution “fits into the governing documents of other nations.”

Where did he get the idea that the U.S. Constitution should fit into the laws of other nations? If a country can’t make its own laws, how can it be a sovereign nation? ... .

[Chief Justice] Kennedy couldn’t find language in the U.S. Constitution to justify overturning the Texas sodomy law in Lawrence vs. Texas, so he invoked “other authorities” in “Western civilization,” namely, the European Court of Human Rights, which invalidated EU countries’ domestic laws proscribing homosexual conduct. Kennedy cited an amicus brief filed by Mary Robinson, former United Nations high commissioner for human rights.

Kennedy wrote, “The right the petitioners seek (to engage in sodomy) has been accepted as an integral part of human freedom in many other countries,” and he emphasized the “values we share with a wider civilization.” In fact, most other countries do not share American values, and Americans don’t want to share theirs.

I’m a realist. Things have gone too far in this direction legally to turn back the tide; nonetheless, I recommend to everyone a full reading of Schlafly’s editorial and pass it on to others.


We stand today with the real prospect of an enemy of the United States and the American way becoming President. What this traitor and his accomplices set to work on decades ago has borne fruit. They have almost achieved their Satanic goal of same-sex marriage and legalized sodomy. They lost their lives, and Sodom and Gomorrah their cities, by Divine Judgment. Now America is marked as “Sodom Renewed.”

Where were we when the walls came down?

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