Last edited: December 17, 2004

Preserve Marriage—Punish Sodomy

Family Research Council, March 20, 2003

Next Wednesday, March 26, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Lawrence v. Texas, the case seeking to overturn that state's anti-sodomy law.  In preparation for that hearing, lawyers representing FRC and Focus on the Family will gather in our offices here in Washington to hold a moot court rehearsal of the arguments to be presented before the high bench.  FRC and Focus filed a joint amicus brief in the case that has been widely cited, mostly recently by yesterday's New York Times (you can read the brief by clicking the link below).  Tonight, FRC's Peter Sprigg will defend marriage in a panel discussion of the sodomy law case at the National Press Club.  The outcome of this case could be momentous for the preservation of marriage.  The Supreme Court has already upheld anti-sodomy laws in Bowers v. Georgia.  If the Court now finds laws that proscribe sodomy to be unconstitutional, then another barrier to the legalization of so-called "same-sex marriage" will have fallen.  As FRC argues in its amicus brief, the state has a compelling interest in preserving marriage.  Will the Court find a constitutional "right" to sodomy?  Stay tuned.

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