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Letter: Gay Comic Not Funny

The Columbian, December 27, 2002
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A Dec. 16 story, "The Rawhide Kid to reveal his gay side," has informed us in big, bold, black type on the front page of the Life section that we are soon to enjoy a homosexual cowboy character with a "keen fashion sense."

I can hardly wait for the "first gay Western." And to tell us at Christmas time, what a "gay" present.

A Marvel Comics representative tell us that "if we like a good story," this is for us. It is written by Ron Zimmerman, who writes trashy, pornographic material and appears on the Howard Stern show. Zimmerman suggests that even Tonto, the Lone Rangerís companion, may have been homosexual.

Doesnít this sound like great fun? Itís real trendy to encourage sodomy. Just consider it a "good story" and a good laugh. It makes me want to puke.

óDorothy Piontek, Vancouver

The problem with this comic book is that it isn't that good. Marvel seems afraid to deal with the Raw Hide Kid being gay in a way that is open and frank. If you want an out a gay Marvel character, read the X-Men and the current sub-plot on Northstar, who came out a few years ago in Alpha Flight. Marvel still uses language that reads 20-years behind the times, but they are trying. 

We certainly need more comics that tell kids that being gay is not a bad a thing. Both for gay kids and the straight kids who are otherwise learning to harass their classmates. 

Hopefully The Rawhide Kid's disappointing first issue is not indicative of where this limited series is going.

-Bob Summersgill

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