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The materials that GLAPN collects are housed in the Reference Library at Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW Park Avenue, Portland, Oregon. For more information on OHS, including library hours and admission fees for non-residents of Multnomah County, please visit the Oregon Historical Society's website.

Here is a partial list of the materials GLAPN has collected, processed, and donated to the Oregon Historical Society. Work goes on constantly, so some material at OHS might not appear in these pages. Other materials donated to GLAPN may still be in the processing stage, and may not be on OHS' premises nor in their records.

Finally, please remember that GLAPN is a small, volunteer organization. We are not equipped to look stuff up for you, and although we'll give it a shot, we may not be able to answer questions about archival material. If you're doing serious research, plan on visiting the Research Library at Oregon Historical Society.

Online Finding Aids:

Some of the collections have been indexed and are searchable online through the Northwest Digital Archives.

The James Anctil Papers

James Anctil, 1943-1997, was a resident of the Portland (OR)/Vancouver (WA) from December, 1981, until his death from suicide in July 1997. A translator and Slavic language expert by profession, Anctil was also a published writer, diarist, vocalist, dancer, and visual artist, and active in the gay & lesbian community of the Pacific Northwest. The collection includes extensive personal diaries, correspondence, subject, files, and files on gay organizations.

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The Bonnie Tinker Collection

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Bonnie Tinker's family became famous for the Viet Nam era landmark black arm band Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines School Board, reaffirming students’ rights of free speech. In Portland, Tinker was part of the Red Emma collective, which organized the first free women’s health clinic in Portland and founded one of the first shelters for battered women in the country. Tinker was the first chairperson of the National Coalition against Domestic Violence. In 1992, she created a 1992 slide show called Love Makes a Family, with assistance from the Society of Friends. Love Makes a Family became a non-profit organization supporting parents and children in lesbian, gay, bi, transgendered and queer families. She was killed in a bicycling accident at a national Quaker conference.

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The Roger Troen Gay Liberation Collection:

Papers of a gay activist of Portland, OR. Includes: national magazines containing articles about homosexuality or gay civil rights; a variety of local publications from Oregon and Washington; clippings from local newspapers about gay rights issues; correspondence; and miscellaneous political information from the 1970s.

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Gay & Lesbian Organizations Collection, 1972-1996 (inclusive):

Items include flyers, brochures, press releases, programs, and miscellaneous items for a variety of gay and lesbian organizations, mainly in the Portland, Oregon, area, with a small amount of information from Seattle.

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Dignity/Portland Collection, 1980-1998:

Includes financial records,meeting minutes, newsletters, and correspondence of the Portland, Oregon, chapter of the gay and lesbian Catholic organization Dignity. Materials date from the 19890s and 1990s.

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Jim Gersbach AIDS Collection, 1987-1998:

Items include a wide array of materials concerning AIDS and HIV, primarily related to Oregon and Washington State. Includes government reports, news articles, social service agency brochures, and medical information.

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Gay Pride Collection, 1982-2004:

Records of an organization of Portland, Oregon, which arranged Lesbian and Gay Pride marches in the city and elsewhere. Items include programs, financial information, contracts and permits, correspondence, planning minutes,and miscellaneous items for annual testivals and marches held in Portland and Salem, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia. Materials date from the late 1980s and 1990s.

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Lesbian and Gay Choruses Collection, 1986-1998:

Materials documenting the Portland (Oregon) Gay Men's Chorus, the Portland (OR) Lesbian Choir, the Bridges Vocal Ensemble, and the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (GALA) events. Materials include: programs, sheet music, ephemera, and photographs relating to concerts, tours, and other events of the ensembles.

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The Charles F. Hinkle Collection, 1966-2009:

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Charles F. ("Charlie") Hinkle is a laywer with extensive experience in media law, constitutional and civil rights law, public records, election law, and apellate practice. He is also an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. During the 1990s, he publicly opposed Oregon's Ballot Measure 9 and various other state and local initiatives promoted by the conservative Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) and opposed by gay and lesbian rights activists.

Materials relate to Charles Hinkle's political activities, primarily in the early 1990s in opposition to Oregon anti-gay ballot measures proposed by the Oregon Citizens' Alliance. The collection includes audio and video materials.

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Oregon Historical Society's Finding Aids for the GLAPN Collections

The following items are duplicates of the OHS finding aids for items in the GLAPN collections.

GLAPN 2988-1:

Most of these items date from 1991-96, although there are some from the 1968-1990 period.

Items include a small amount of correspondence, political items, numerous brochures and advertisements from Gay and Lesbian businesses, numerous brochures, flyers, and news releases regarding a wide array of Gay and Lesbian political, religious, and social service organizations, and a large selection of newsletters from Gay and Lesbian organizations in the Pacific Northwest.  A number of audiocassettes of Lesbian oral histories, all dating from 1978, are in the collection, but are restricted at this time.  There also are several other unidentified or not well-identified cassette tapes.  The vast majority of items are from Oregon, although there are some from Washington and Idaho.  The bulk of Oregon material is from Portland, but also includes material from Bend, Gresham, Hillsboro, Klamath Falls, Roseburg, and Salem.  Washington cities included are Seattle and Vancouver.  The only Idaho city represented is Boise.  There also are a small number of items from elsewhere in the country.
View a finding aid for GLAPN 2988-1.

GLAPN 2988-7:

Periodicals, (Material dates 1970. This is an ongoing collection.)
12 cubic feet (12 boxes)

Items include Gay/Lesbian community newspapers from Portland, Salem, Eugene, Seattle, Olympia, Spokane, Boise, and Vancouver, British Columbia, and some smaller cities in Oregon and Washington.  Also included are many newsletters of specific organizations.  Not included are newsletters from most religious organizations (see those collections for the newsletters) and AIDS groups (they are in the Mss 2988-1 collection).
View a finding aid for GLAPN's Periodicals Collection.

GLAPN 2988-11:

Portland Gay Men's Chorus, Portland Lesbian Choir, Bridges, and GALA
(Material Dates 1986-1998) 2 cubic feet (2 boxes)

The Portland Gay Men's Chorus and the Portland Lesbian Choir participated in numerous performances in the Portland area and around the United States. Bridges was an organization composed of individual members of both the Gay Men's Chorus and the Lesbian Choir.  It performed separately.  GALA was a national meeting/performance of Gay Men's and Lesbians' choruses throughout the United States.  The Portland groups performed at some of these.

Items include mostly programs and sheet music, with albums of photos and programs.

View a finding aid for GLAPN's Portland Gay Men's Chorus, Portalnd Lesbian Choir, Bridges and GALA Collection.

GLAPN 2988-12:

4 Boxes (3.5 cu. ft.)
Material Dates 1975-1996

The Lesbian Community Project (LCP) was founded in 1985 as a combination social, political, and educational organization for Lesbians in the Portland area.

The material is divided generally into Administrative, Program, and Political areas.  The Administrative material consists of such items as bylaws, minutes of meetings, meeting agendas, reports of committees, and financial data.  The Program material consists of such items as social events and educational programs.  The Political material consists mainly of involvement with state and city sexual orientation civil rights legislative proposals, as well as material collected from elsewhere in the United States.

View a finding aid for GLAPN's Lesbian Community Project Collection.

GLAPN 2988-13:

MARIE EQUI, 2 Document Cases, (.7 cubic feet)
Material Dates 1918 to 1983

Marie Diane Equi (1872-1952) was a physician, feminist, and social activist who lived in Portland from 1901 until her death in 1952.  She also spent time in the 1890s living in The Dalles.  She was an open Lesbian.

The material consists of biographical material, correspondence written to and from her while in prison in California on an anti-war charge (intercepted by the Department of Justice), other Department of Justice files, anti-war trial legal documents, and miscellaneous information about her.

View a finding aid for GLAPN's Marie Equi Collection.

GLAPN 2988-14:

LEGAL COLLECTION, 1 Box (1 cu. ft.)
Material dates from 1912 to 1928.

The material consists of trial transcripts of trials of men for same-sex sodomy.  The cases of Harry Start and Edward McAllister date from 1912-1913 during the so-called “Vice Clique” scandal in Portland involving at least 68 men.  The case of Clarence Brazell dates from 1928 during another, smaller scandal.

Copies of the transcripts of the Start, McAllister, and Brazell transcripts were donated by Mr. Jeff Stookey.

The index of the Start, Wedemeyer, and McAllister transcripts and the corrections noted on the McAllister and Start transcripts were made by Mr. George Painter.

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