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Letter: Gayle Ruzicka Wronged

Salt Lake Tribune, October 15, 1998

We are witnessing as a nation what happens when an elected official lives an immoral lifestyle. What are we willing to accept under the guise of tolerance? This same issue is now confronting the voters in District 30 with the race of Bryan Irving and Jackie Biskupski. Ms. Biskupski is in violation of Utah law and is running for public office. She is a professed lesbian and feels that this has no bearing on her ability to function in public office.

I'm amazed that because of these facts which have been observed and pointed out by Gayle Ruzicka, Ruzicka is being called names by those who are of a different opinion, namely the editorial in the Sept. 18 Salt Lake Tribune. Gayle Ruzicka did not manufacture the facts, she merely is pointing them out. I certainly would encourage those who resort to name calling and accusing others with false statements to do their homework before speaking out. I would also encourage more responsible journalism from The Tribune.

-- Janeen Carter, Tooele

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