Queer Heroes NW 2021:
Travis Nelson

As a gay Black man, Travis Nelson had to fight through racism and stereotyping to realize his dream of becoming a nurse and a union rep for registered nurses.

Today he is a member of the Oregon Nurses Association Cabinet on Health Policy, a Board Member of Nurses for Single Payer, and he has served on the Board and Leadership Society for the American Nurses Association.

Travis is inspiring with his actions and his public speaking.

He encourages you to make change with the energy and power you have! As Travis says, “If there is something you are passionate about and want to do – make a plan and go for it! Don’t let anything stand in your way! Also, if someone you admire tells you should go for something and you are unsure – put the doubt aside and try. Chances are they are right and you will have amazing experiences you never thought possible.”

Travis Nelson was born in Chatham, Louisiana, but moved to Kennewick, Washington and finished high school there. Although his family had few material resources, through dedication and perseverance and with the support of his tenacious and hardworking parents Travis graduated from Washington State University with BSN and RN degrees. Travis became an Emergency Room nurse, then a union representative, and a committed volunteer for the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Travis is trailblazer - a born leader and orator. Within the Democratic Party he was the first black gay male to Co-Chair the 2020 OR Delegation to the Democratic National Convention and was the first out gay male as Director of the Western States Region Democratic Black Caucus.














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