Queer Heroes NW 2021:
Karol Collymore

Karol Collymore is an ally who has always fought for and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her LGBTQIA brothers and sisters for long-denied respect and rights. Born in Canal Zone, Panama and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Karol moved to Oregon in 2003 and has spent countless hours in service to the community. 

Karol was executive director of Equity Foundation, serving during a difficult period for the organization where she helped to guide the decision to merge with Pride Foundation.  This experience, and the knowledge she gained about the community, prepared her for her work on the board of Cascade AIDS Project.  Karol has served on the CAP board since 2014, became president of the board in 2018, and has signed on for another two-year term. 

Karol is especially proud to support CAP’s executive director, Tyler TerMeer, because he is a queer leader of color who wants to make the community better for all those within it. 

Karol has been active with many other community organizations, including having volunteered  every month for seven years to cook meals at Our House, and spending two years as co-chair of the Our House Dinner Series.  She also served on the Q Center board of directors, and was a candidate for Multnomah County commissioner. 

Karol currently works at NIKE, directing the Inclusive Community Portfolio, where she focuses a considerable amount of her work on the intersections of race and orientation, and highlights that people contain multitudes. 

Karol has a vision of a more inclusive and equitable world, that celebrates each person's contributions and identities. Those who know Karol describe her as smart, creative, and dedicated, noting her courage, compassion, and kindness. She is truly a model of selfless contribution and community building, and does all of it with a beautiful smile and plenty of laughter.















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