Suzanne Scopes

Suzanne Scopes, ND, has been a physician for almost 35 years, and is very likely the longest-serving practitioner of transgender medicine in the state, and perhaps the Pacific Northwest. She entered this field because she’s queer, and she saw the need: at the time almost no one in the medical field was willing to treat transgender patients. Suzanne felt that was just wrong. Today, her practice is comprised of well over 50% trans patients.

Suzanne ScopesIn spite of a very full, 5 day a week practice, she carved out time to serve as the Volunteer Medical Director for the trans clinic at Outside In for 10 years, and she continues to do trainings for medical providers on transgender health care.

She willingly consults with other physicians, often in more remote areas, who have transgender patients they want to help, and to share information freely.

Dr. Scopes has changed hundreds of lives, by leading her trans patients through transitions, fighting for them to get appropriate medications and surgeries, and has given them confidence and pride in themselves along their journeys.

Her interests outside of her practice include spending time with her three sons and wife, dancing, gardening, and getting out to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest.











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