Marci Grace Frederic

Marci was identified as male at her birth in Toledo, Oregon where in her earliest memories, she perceived herself differently from the person the world knew. Her gender dysphoria started about four when she realized she felt like a girl who was non-binary in her toy interests—enjoying boy toys and also stuffed animals and Barbies.

Marci FredericShe attended schools in Toledo, but couldn’t take the ridicule; she dropped out, eventually earning her GED at the Community College. While working in Portland she suffered back injuries requiring surgery and rehab, after which she returned to the coast where her injuries forced her to go on disability.

In 2014 she confronted her gender identity following the death of her father and exit from a violent relationship. Turning to her therapist, internet videos and visibility of trans people like Jazz Jennings and Caitlyn Jenner, she started her own transition in 2016 with hormone therapy, a new name and new wardrobe.

Marci launched the first transgender support group on the Central Coast because she was feeling isolated and wanted others to have a safe space to share joys, pain and helpful resources. “This community is very helpful--I feel like I have not only friends, but family.” She is also working with others to improve services to transgender individuals at local hospitals.

For publicly transitioning in her conservative hometown, and for creating a support network for her trans siblings, PFLAG Oregon Central Coast proudly nominates Marci Grace Fredric as a NW Queer Hero.

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