Dane Zahner

Dane Zahner is the Prevention Manager at HIV Alliance, the organization that coordinates HIV care services in 13 counties in Oregon, with offices in Salem, Eugene, Roseburg and Medford.

Dane ZahnerDane brings HIV testing, Hepatitis C testing, and PrEP coordination to the gay, bisexual and other communities of men who have sex with men in rural Oregon. He travels great distances.

The small-town and rural environments aren’t necessarily LGBTQ friendly – in a small town, people may out themselves to their entire community simply by coming to an informational meeting or chatting with Dane on the street.

Nonetheless, Dane has doubled the number of people testing for HIV in his corner(s) of rural Oregon and has increased the educational opportunities for high risk populations.
He has also grown the STI testing program and the PrEP Coordination program, and has made these services more accessible to LGBT populations.

It takes a special kind of person to cultivate trust with at-risk individuals, especially those who are closeted to some degree or another, and connect them with the professionals and providers they need to see, especially when working in a territory that covers thousands of square miles.

We really appreciate everything he has done for people at risk for HIV in rural Oregon.

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