Brianna Bragg, MSW

Brianna Bragg (they/she) is a fat, queer, two-spirit, Yankton Sioux (Ihanktonwan Nation), biracial womxn. They love to grow their own food, cook for community, bead/craft, and road trip.

Brianna BraggThey are thoughtful, and center Indigenous and Queer folks in all the work they do. After graduation from Portland State University, where she worked as the Queer Students of Color Coordinator, they co-built and successfully co-launched a non-profit called The UPRISE Collective, with Stephanie Roberson. The UPRISE Collective provides, training, coaching, consulting, and community education and support with a mission that states “Opening spaces and providing support for people with targeted identities to engage in social uplift within their own communities.”

Brianna is also a member of Portland Two Spirit Society and has been a strong community advocate for making sure Indigenous and targeted communities have a seat at every table.

Brianna has 13+ years professionally in early childhood education, social services, and advocacy. She is the eldest of 21 first cousins, where she learned early on the value of childhood, education, dedication, and community. They hold two undergraduate degrees in Social Science and Child & Family Studies and an Masters in Social Work. During grad school they spent time organizing against the arming of campus security, and supporting the Students of Color Collective.

With liberation as a goal, Brianna is dedicated to the eradication of oppressive systems looking at both a micro and macro approach utilizing civil disobedience and collaboration. They are a story teller and holder, therapist, care giver, creator, educator, advocate, and organizer -always centering community. She has partnered in organizing and training with Portland Peace Team, The Peace Action Team, and Fellowship of Reconciliation. Brianna stays grounded with the help of her partner, their two tiny puppies, and her beautiful and strong chosen family.

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