Bridging Voices

Bridging Voices is a Portland based LGBTQ+, non-binary, and allied chorus for youth between the ages of 13 and 21. Currently the largest chorus of its kind in the nation, it strives to create a safe and welcoming space for its members to experience empowerment and community through music.

Bridging VoicesBridging Voices aims to break down the foundations of homophobia and transphobia through diversity and visibility. The chorus is committed to increased equity, access, and belonging for youth of color, those with limited resources, and the full spectrum of gender identity and sexuality. Members come from more than 40 middle and high schools across the Portland and Vancouver area, and share their unique stories through weekly rehearsals, concerts, and community outreach programs.

The vision of Bridging Voices is empowering young voices to build bridges across cultural and generational divides through community outreach and regular concert productions. Through song and spoken word, it gives youth the support and platform to speak their truth through uniquely moving selections and original work.

The youth in Bridging Voices’ demographic are in an at-risk group. Queer/transgender youth are significantly greater risk of suicide and depression than their heterosexual and cisgender peers. They are also at heightened risk of drug use, sexual abuse, and HIV/sexually transmitted diseases. Up to 40% of homeless youth are queer or transgender.

The families of chorus members explain that the chorus has been a game changer for their children while coming out. They share stories of isolated, withdrawn youth who walk into the chorus space and immediately recognize youth like themselves, with similar interests, values, and challenges. These same youth are the ones on stage just months later, sharing poetry and singing their hearts out in a community where they are embraced not despite who they are, but because of it.



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