Queer Heroes NW 2012

Louise Chris Mazzuca

Chris MazzucaThis year marks the 40th anniversary of Title IX.  But years ago, before women were wearing Nike uniforms as they played sports, there were women such as Louise Chris Mazzuca who paved the way for others to follow.  Her generation of softball players were the pioneers as they broke the ground for today’s women athletes.

Louise Chris Mazzuca is one of the best pitchers to ever play softball.  She had nine perfect games and 35 no-hitters.  She played for several teams including Portland’s Erv Lind Florists, which was considered one of the best teams in the country during the 1950s and 1960s.  Chris joined the Florists when she was 19 years.  In 1980, she was inducted into the Portland Metro Softball Hall of Fame.














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