Oregon LGBTQ Scholarship Resources

By George T. Nicola
The Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN)
Last updated October 29, 2014


This article is an attempt to identify some scholarship resources that might in some way be Oregon LGBTQ related. I did the best I could to select only what appears to be legitimate. If you believe otherwise, please let us know. Send this and other feedback, corrections, or additions to

Because I am always referring to websites, many of which have scholarship lists, there may be many redundancies. Some scholarship might be listed in several different of these sites. However, I am included all the links to make sure we don’t miss anything. 

These types of offers change frequently, so the below details may not always be up to date. If you are interested in any of them, check the sites thoroughly. Additionally, call or email the organizations for more thorough and the most current details.

Pride Foundation

Peacock Productions Inc. (The Audria M. Edwards Scholarship Fund)

Equity Foundation


The Human Rights Campaign Scholarship Database for Oregon:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender College Scholarships Compiled by the Oregon State University Office of LGBT Outreach & Services:

The University of Oregon Scholarship Opportunities for the LGBTQ Community:

Scholarship Resources for LGBT Students:

PFLAG National Scholarships Program:

Roy Scrivner Memorial Research Grants:

Out to Protect Scholarship Fund:

Point Foundation: The National LGBT Scholarship Fund:

The Chinn Scholarship for LGBT Atheist Activism:

The LIVE OUT LOUD Educational Scholarship:

LEAGUE Foundation LGBT Scholarship:

Portland State University Queer Resources Center Scholarships: The subheading on this is “Local and National Scholarships, Grants and Foundations”.




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