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Letter: Court Is Right; Felons Make Unfit Parents

Charlotte Observer, August 10, 1998
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In response to "Supreme smokescreen: Custody case turned on speculation, not evidence" (Aug. 6 editorial):

Hooray for the N.C. Supreme Court! Homosexual conduct is a felony under a state law upheld as constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987. Individuals who engage in felonies are by definition criminals and therefore unfit parents and role models. The same conclusion would be reached if the dad in the Pulliam case were a pedophile, a prostitute or a drug addict.

Contrary to the mental gymnastics in your editorial, the court, the state and the "normal" (law-abiding) parent don’t have to prove that homosexuals are unfit — the law defines homosexuals as unfit without any studies or other manipulated "evidence." The relevant evidence is the father’s admission that he engaged in criminal homosexual conduct. It is not "speculation" to uphold the law and not disingenuous to say that we as society "disapprove" of homosexuality and other unhealthy perversions of nature.

— Bill James, Charlotte County Commissioner, District 6.

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