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UN Resolution Will Be Voted Next Year

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, April 25, 2003

By Suki Beavers, Canada Action for Population and Development,

Hi everyone

I just listened to the last hour of debate from Geneva via cell phone. There were many procedural issues raised, points of order all over the place about whether rule 50 as invoked by both Germany and the OIC applied to closure of debate on the amendments or of the item as a whole.

The Chair was asked to Rule immediately at several times and did not.

In the end at 6:00 the Chair made a proposal that the CHR decides to postpone consideration of item L92 (the resolution on sexual orientation) and the proposed amendments L106-110 to the 60th session of the CHR under the same agenda item.

Canada then took the floor and made a motion that because this agenda item is so important that the CHR not be closed. Rather that the CHR recommend to ECOSOC that there be a resumed session of not more than 2 days to complete the agenda items of the 59th session (this being the only item left).

The Chairís proposal came first and was voted on first and passed by a vote of 24 in favour, 17 against and 10 abstentions. There was no need for consideration of Canadaís motion.

So, there it is. This resolution was not defeated and it and we will be back with a vengeance next year. Although we didnít get a full out victory, neither is this a defeat and it is clear that this will be the issue for the CHR next year.

Thank you to all of you for your support and great advocacy.

It may be hard to view it this way right now but this is a huge victory!

Thanks again to all of you.


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