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Cayman Clergy Bash Gay Law Newscenter, February 5, 2001

By Beth Shapiro

Georgetown, Cayman Islands — Church leaders have begun a petition to protest a British order decriminalizing homosexual act in the Caymans and it other Caribbean territories.

Britain scrapped laws after local legislatures refused to do so in order to bring the Commonwealth into line with European standards. The move was greated with cheers from gay and lesbian leaders but church leaders throughout the British Caribbean were outraged.

The petition that is being circulated on the Caymans says those who sign "object to enacting legislation against the will of the people of the Cayman Islands," said the Rev. Al Ebanks, chairman of the Cayman Ministers Association.

"The people of the Cayman Islands as well as other overseas territories have made it abundantly clear what our position is on this matter," Ebanks said recently. "I don’t know any partnership that could survive on the basis of this kind of one-sided relationship."

He said the petition would be turned over to the Cayman Islands legislature and its British governor.

It is doubtful they petitions will do much good. Britain has said it does not intend to alter the legislalation.

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