Last edited: February 14, 2005

WWII Hero Gay, Says UK Biographer

The Washington Blade, March 2, 2001
World Briefs

By Will O'Bryan

BRITAIN — World War II hero Field Marshal Bernard "Monty" Montgomery was a repressed homosexual, according to a soon to be published book, The Full Monty, written by his official biographer and longtime friend, Nigel Hamilton, the Guardian newspaper reported.

"These were quasi love affairs," Hamilton told the Guardian regarding his perception of Montgomery’s sexual orientation. "He became really passionately involved with these young men and then, more and more, boys, who he would call my sons. They were nothing of the kind, of course, but in his own personality he would frame them in this way. I myself have more than 100 very loving letters from him. My relationship with him wasn’t sexual, in the sense that it wasn’t acted upon, but I had been through enough years at British boarding schools to know what kind of enormous affection and feeling he had for me. And I wasn’t alone. This was a consistent pattern in Monty’s life."

Ironically, perhaps, Montgomery, while serving in the House of Lords, argued in favor of maintaining laws against "buggery," during a 1967 debate.

Hamilton told the Guardian that Montgomery’s fierce opposition to legalizing sex between men suggested "the law had been an essential crutch in his struggle with his own homosexual feelings."

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