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Hetros Only Virgins, November 26, 2000

By Jon Ben Asher, Newscenter

London — The British Virgin Islands has declared war on gays and lesbians. The Caribbean territory is up in arms over a plan by the British government to repeal anti-gays in all of its colonies.

The Blair government’s move has already outraged other Caribbean colonies but is intent on passing the legislation. The government had tried for several years to have the colonies amend their laws on their own. When this failed, the government said it would unilaterally abolish the laws.

All of Britain’s colonies have laws forbiding gay sex. These laws were enforcered from varying degrees from colony to colony.

On the Virgin Islands they were rarely used.

Nevertheless, leaders from the Virgin Islands 17 Christian faiths met on the weekend to formulate a plan to oppose London.

The clerics passed a resolution opposing the plan and vowed to begin preaching against homosexuality in the coming weeks.

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