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OutRage! "Amnesty Campaign"

OutRage!, December 12, 2002

Dear Colleagues and Friends

Please lend your voice to the OutRage! campaign to have gay & bisexual men unjustly convicted by discriminatory antigay laws removed from the Sex Offenders Register when the government scraps these laws early next year.

We are asking you to do three things.

Firstly, send us a postcard declaring your support for this campaign. The more mail we receive, the easier it will be to get the government and the media to take this issue seriously.

Secondly, please write to your MP and urge them to bring up the issue of those gay and bisexual men who may have to remain on the Sex Offenders Register after the unjust and discriminatory antigay laws of buggery, gross indecency and soliciting have been scrapped.

We can’t supply a “form letter” because these have proven to be ineffective—officials routinely ignore them. It is far better if the letter is written in a personal way.

Please point out that it is unreasonable that men who committed an offence with no victim and with the consent of the other party should have to remain on a register with rapists, child-sex offenders and other criminals who are perceived as a danger to the community.

Also point out that it is illogical to keep them listed as their offences are no longer crimes and that it will make the Sex Offenders Register far less effective in combating serious sex crimes if it lists people who are not a threat to the community and who had been convicted by unjust (and defunct) laws.

Stress that being listed on the Sex Offenders Register can ruin their lives and leave them open to vigilante attack.

Appeal to common sense and fairness. If possible, tell of any personal experience you might have had or of any cases you might have heard of.

Remember that a personal, levelheaded letter achieves more than an angry or abusive one. Give your MP the benefit of the doubt and assume that they will be sympathetic to the problem once they see how reasonable it is. The most important thing we can achieve as a first step is that as many MPs as possible are asked to think about the issue by as many people as possible.

Thirdly, and finally, talk about the issue. Discuss it in any community groups or discussion groups you may belong to, with friends, and through the pages of the local press or radio phone-ins. Let’s get the word out there!


Please vistit the OutRage! website: for more information, or call on 0208-24-00-222 or email
Postcards supporting the campaign should be mailed to:
OutRage! “Amnesty Campaign”, P.O. Box 17816, London. SW14 8WT

Our press release on the issue can be read at:


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