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Britain Offers Citizenship Rules

Associated Press, March 17, 1999 (excerpt)

LONDON (AP) – Britain will offer citizenship to residents in its remaining colonies and will require the territories to tighten their financial rules and repeal corporal punishment.

Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said the possessions now known as Dependent Territories would be renamed United Kingdom Overseas Territories. . . .

The Overseas Territories will be required, by the end of this year, to meet international standards on money laundering, transparency, cooperation with law enforcement authorities and independent financial regulation, Cook said.

They will also have to match European standards of human rights.

"Specifically, we require changes in the law in a minority of Overseas Territories which retain corporal punishment and criminalize consensual homosexual acts in private," Cook said.

If any territory balked, Britain would make reforms through an Order in Council, he said.

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