Last edited: March 21, 2005

Pregnant Housemaid to Get 150 Lashes for Adultery

Gulf News, March 14, 2005

By Ras Al Khaimah

A maid was sentenced to 150 lashes yesterday for getting pregnant out of wedlock. A Sharia Court official said the maidís UAE national sponsor filed a case with police accusing N.S.T of committing adultery and being pregnant.

Her case was referred to the public prosecution department and she was ordered to take a pregnancy test, which came back positive.

She refused to reveal the name of the childís father, despite being interrogated by the police and the public prosecutor.

The public prosecution department referred her to the emirateís Sharia Court.

She refused to identify her lover again.

The court sentenced her to 150 lashes, to be administered in two stages. She will then be deported.

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