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Cultural Ministry Irate Over Gay Civil Servants, Blaming TV Media as a Distributing Source

Rath, June 4, 2004

The Cultural Ministry has declared an all-out war on people who have homosexual behaviors, e.g. transvestites, gays, lesbians or dykes. The Deputy Minister has announced that they will absolutely not accept these abnormal people to work in the department.

The ministry has prepared to overhaul the system by wiping out civil servants and officials who are either handsome women or queenie men to set it as an example for the society. This changed value of the society is due to the broadcast of transvestite actors by the TV media, causing a fad for people to emulate.

The ministry department has started an offensive campaign in disciplining homosexuals as a result of inappropriate behaviors conspicuously displayed through various media which are bad examples for the posterity, by beginning to screen its civil servants and officials.

Mr Kla Somtrakul, Deputy Cultural Minister, revealed on June 3, 2004 that the current campaign against the distribution of pornographic materials is satisfactory. Parents, guardians and students alike have begun to look into this problem caused by pornography, including other resources from the Internet. Another heart-burdening problem is that there is an inappropriate display of affection among homosexual youngsters, be it between women and women, men and men, or gay groups, katoeys, or lesbians regardless of whether they are in public places or workplaces, unashamed of the eyes of others. Also, there seems to be an increasing number of these homosexuals, partly as a result of the media that has become more accepting, especially soap operas with homosexual cast that may set a negative example for children.

The deputy cultural minister was quoted as saying that this homosexual trend has nowadays become a fashion eventuating in youngsters form cliques at various schools fighting over their lovers, the same pattern of delinquency found among university students. Female students fight over other females whereas their male counterparts get into brawls over other males. In addition, many other prostituting homosexual groups negatively affect Thai culture. These behaviors are not normal and although are considered private rights and do not cause trouble to others, they should only be expressed in private places or personal homes and necking, touching or frottage in public places such as Chatuchak park, Lumpini park or Sanam Luang park or even in educational institutes should be avoided. Although some same-sex groups have quoted the Constitution as granting them rights, the Cultural Department cannot accept it and would like to stand on the opposite side.

Mr Kla continued saying that the Cultural Department would take a serious stance on this campaign regarding homosexual behaviors. Although the Department canít arrest homosexuals or levy any legal punishment on them the same way as other pornographic distributors, it encourages the public to keep the homosexual pandemic under control and prohibit the media from broadcasting any homosexual acts by sending a letter to every TV station for cooperation. The Cultural Department itself will be stricter in its recruitment policy by not allowing people with homosexual behaviors to work at the department. A stricter recruiting system must be set up because in the past the behaviors of homosexual officials were not initially obvious and it took some time to know their true nature. The Cultural Department should be a role model for the society or else nobody would listen to it any longer if they themselves cultivate these people.

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