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Sri Lanka’s Press Council Attacks Lesbianism

BBC Online News, June 2, 2000

Sri Lanka’s Press Council has come out in support of a letter in a newspaper, urging that convicted rapists should be unleashed on lesbians.

The Council said the letter, in the Island newspaper, was published in the interest of the community.

It also imposed a fine of $28 on the man who brought the complaint, Sherman de Rose.

Mr. de Rose is a gay rights campaigner who complained that the letter, published last August, promoted violence and hatred of lesbians.

In its ruling the Council said that lesbianism was an "act of sadism", and was an offence under the country’s penal code.

"Salacious publication of any opinion against such activities does not amount to a promotion of sadism or salacity," the Council ruled.

It added that Mr. de Rose and not the newspaper was guilty of promoting improper values.

Mr. de Rose said the ruling clearly showed how gays were discriminated against in Sri Lanka and he would try to appeal.

The letter to the newspaper was written in response to a report that Mr. de Rose’s gay rights movement was helping to arrange an international conference of lesbians in the capital, Colombo.

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