Last edited: January 05, 2005

Couple Fined for Oral Sex, January 5, 2005

Singapore—A Singaporean man and a Filipino maid who had oral sex on a staircase of a high-rise complex were each fined $303, news reports said on Wednesday.

Aruselvan Krishnadas, 32, a security officer, and Esmeralda Feliciano Dalida, 41, were caught in the act by a security guard, The Straits Times reported.

A magistrate’s court heard on Tuesday that the pair met on July 4 at a tea dance and went to Orchard Towers for dinner.

Afterward, they went to the third-level staircase, but caused such a noise that a guard went to investigate. He shouted at the couple to stop and called the police.

The maximum punishment for indecent behaviour is a $609 fine or one month in jail.

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