Last edited: December 20, 2004

Snowball Party Should Not Be Gays Only

Straits Times, December 20, 2004

THE police recently turned down a licence application for a gay Christmas party because those held in the last two years had been targeted at gays only.

This went against the basis on which the permits were granted, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong explained yesterday.

‘We allowed it and we made it quite clear that it had to be a party which was not targeted at gays alone... As the party turned out, our sense of it was that it was beyond what we were prepared to accept. So we said no.’

Earlier this month, the police turned down an application by Jungle Media to hold this year’s SnowBall party because ‘the event is likely to be organised as a gay party which is contrary to public interest’.

The organisers appealed to Mr Lee and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng, but they were not successful.

Asked yesterday if this meant Singapore was no longer going all out for the ‘pink dollar’, Mr Lee said it was not a matter of ‘all or nothing’.

‘I think it’s a matter of balance... of how we can have space for this group of people who are gays, whom we accept as Singaporeans.

‘But at the same time, it’s about respecting the outlook, values and perspective of the majority of Singaporeans, who know Singapore to be a certain way and do not want to see it changing suddenly, and I think they have a point.’

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