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Man Lured Another into Sex Act, Took Photos, Then Threatened to Report to Police

Extortion and Gross Indecency

Straits Times, September 1, 2004

By Chong Chee Kin

Teh Yew Hock chanced on a man in a public toilet at Woodlands MRT station and persuaded him to perform oral sex on him.

While the man was doing it, Teh, 51, took pictures of him with his camera phone.

He then threatened to go to the police with the pictures and forced the 55-year-old victim to give him $16,500 over a one-month period. Yesterday, Teh, who is unemployed, was jailed 3 1/2 years after he admitted to charges of extortion, attempted extortion and gross indecency.

He could have been jailed for up to 10 years.

A district court heard how Teh met his victim, whom he ‘believed to be a homosexual’, at about 4pm on June 7.

The victim, a dishwasher, suggested going to the toilet on the fifth floor of Causeway Point Shopping Centre next to the MRT station. They went into a cubicle.

When Teh started taking pictures of him, the victim stopped what he was doing.

Teh warned him that he would be in trouble if he reported the incident to the police, Deputy Public Prosecutor Eddy Tham told the court. Said the DPP: ‘He then pretended to call the police... and pretended to hang up when the victim pleaded with him not to do so.’

Teh, who initially demanded $7,000 from his victim in return for not making a police report, asked for $2,000 more when he realised that his victim had over $10,000 in his bank account.The dishwasher paid up but Teh continued harassing him for money.

It was not until July 5 that Teh was captured by the police when he met his victim to extort $2,500 from him. By then, Teh had extorted $16,500 from him.He spent most of it on horseracing and betting on 4-D and Toto. All that was left was a $115 Seiko watch Teh bought with the money and $235 cash in his wallet when he was caught.

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