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TalkingCock Proposes Civil Disobedience Against Oral Sex Ban, November 16, 2003 (satire?)

By Supreme Cock

There comes a time when the policies of a state are so egregious and outdated that merely criticizing it is insufficient. Sometimes, people have to prove their contempt for the law by breaking it. Inspired by leaders like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi, is organizing its first-ever campaign of civil disobedience to protest the recent judicial ruling that oral sex is a criminal offence with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Thus, is urging all Singaporeans to join in the mass protest against the criminalization of oral sex by having consensual fellatio or cunnilingus in the privacy of our own homes on 27 November 2003.

TalkingCock believes that oral sex is completely natural and also enjoyable (provided certain personal hygiene standards have been met).

We also believe that it should be allowed completely, and not be restricted to foreplay before heterosexual intercourse, as other legal cases have suggested.

We believe to insist that oral sex is unnatural undermines (1) our longstanding policy of encouraging Singaporeans to enjoy sex and hopefully have more babies as a result, (2) our new policy of being more accepting of homosexuals, and (3) Singapore’s traditional method for procuring career advancement.

Mass oral sex is a great form of nonviolent protest, since we never have to come to blows – we just blow! TalkingCock hopes that the process of protesting by oral sex will be so enjoyable that people will be encouraged to protest other such stupid laws in future.

The choice of 27 November—Thanksgiving Day in the USA—as the day of protest is deliberate. This is to symbolize how grateful to the US we are for goodies like the Free Trade Agreement, that we’ve agreed to sacrifice over 100 of our own SAF personnel, including NSFs, by sending them into the violent mess that America has made of Iraq. In other words, we’re giving thanks for being able to suck US cock. So while we’re at it, why not protest our inability to do so at home?

So, people of Singapore, let’s all come together to suck on Nov 27th, and bring the anti-oral sex law to its knees! Let’s show them we can’t be licked!

TalkingCock Says: Exercise Free Speech—Start Sucking Cock!

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