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Down and Out

Local Government Information Bureau, January 7, 2004

A smile has been brought to the lips of lovers in Singapore after the city state announced that it is to consider repealing a ban on oral sex. The lifting of the ban would see oral sex between men and women decriminalised, but would leave gay oral sex illegal.

Senior home affairs Minister Ho Peng Kee said yesterday that a review on sexual offences has been prompted by a wish to “stay relevant in today’s context”. It follows the much publicised case of a 27 year old policeman who was jailed for two years in November after being fellated by a 15 year old girl, though he was in fact prosecuted for having sex with a minor.

“The fact is there has not been any prosecution for consensual oral sex in private between a male and female for many years,” Mr Ho told Singapore’s ‘Today’ newspaper.

The review is due to be completed within three months. It is one of a number of measures being considered by the city, which also include relaxing rules on bungee jumping, bar top dancing and chewing gum.

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