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Paris Protest Over Saudi Executions Newscenter in London, January 12, 2002

By Jon ben Asher

Paris—A dozen protestors have sprinkled a red liquid, signifying blood, on the steps of the Saudi Embassy.

Police forced the demonstrators from the front of the building before they could get inside.

The demonstrators, from Act Up-Paris were protesting the beheading of three gay Saudis, found guilty in a religious court of committing homosexual acts.

Protestors equated the executions with the repressive rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and condemned Egypt for the imprisonment of more than 20 men for gay sex.

The demonstrators said the extremism in the sentences shows that intolerance is not limited to the Taliban.

They criticized western countries for not condemning the harsh sentences and called on the US to force its major allies in the Arab world to observe basic human rights.

In a statement released following the protest, Act Up said: "The Silence and indifference of Western countries is equivalent to a death sentence for all the oppressed minorities."

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