Last edited: February 14, 2005

Saudis Behead Three Gay Men Newscenter in London, January 2, 2002

By Jon ben Asher

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—The Saudi government has executed three gay men convicted in a religious court of sodomy.

The three men were executed by beheading, the traditional method of execution in the Arab kingdom.

Arab news, the English language newspaper in the capital said the executions took place New Year’s Day in the southwestern city of Abha.

Quoting a statement by the Interior Ministry, the paper reported the three had been convicted of sodomy. The statement said Ali ibn Hatan ibn Saad, Mohammad ibn Suleiman ibn Mohammad and Mohammad ibn Khalil ibn Abdullah were found guilty of " engaging in the extreme obscenity and ugly acts of homosexuality, marrying among themselves and molesting the young."

A Shariah court sentenced them to death and the judgment was confirmed by the high court and the Supreme Judiciary Council.

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