Last edited: February 14, 2005

3 More Saudi Executions

PlanetOut, July 14, 2000

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry on July 14 announced three more executions of men for "committing the extreme obscenity of homosexuality and imitating women" as well as sexually molesting boys. The latest executions were in Jizan, near the Yemeni border. The convicted men were all Yemeni: Abdullah Jabli, Yehya Faraj and Faraj Hajuri. Three other men were beheaded July 11 for similar crimes plus charges of same-gender marriage.

Saudi Arabia leads the world in executions under its strict interpretation of Islamic law, and the three latest are believed to bring the total for all charges for this year to 68 - 70. Amnesty International has complained that suspects there do not always get fair trials.

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