Last edited: February 12, 2005

Saudi Executes Three Men For Homosexuality, Rape

Reuters, July 11, 2000

DUBAISaudi Arabia on Tuesday executed three Saudi men convicted of homosexual acts and raping children, the Interior Ministry said.

In a statement carried by state media, the ministry said an Islamic court had found the three man guilty of "committing the extreme obscenity of homosexuality and imitating women," in violation of Islamic ethics which ban homosexuality.

The three men, who were put to death in Saudi Arabia’s southern city of Abha, were also convicted of raping children and photographing them naked with the intention of blackmailing them.

The executions brought to at least 67 the number of people put to death in the conservative kingdom so far this year. Last year, Saudi Arabia executed at least 99 people for various crimes.

In a separate statement, the Interior Ministry said a Yemeni man convicted of robbing a house had had his right hand amputated in the city of Buraida in northern Saudi Arabia.

The kingdom applies strict Islamic sharia law, executing murderers, rapists and drug smugglers, usually by public beheading. Robbers are punished by having limbs cut off.

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