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Executions in Saudi Arabia

PlanetOut, July 11, 2000

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Interior announced the executions of three men on July 11 in Abha, Asir for charges relating to homosexuality and pedophilia. Attiya bin Ubaid Attiya, Rajeh bin Ibrahim Issa and Rajhi bin Hamad bin Ali were beheaded for sodomy, cross-dressing and same-gender marriage, as well as drugging and raping boys and photographing them for purposes of extortion. In the announcement the sodomy and cross-dressing charges were described as "the extreme obscenity of homosexuality and imitating women." Beheading was the method of execution.

Saudi Arabia follows Islamic law, but Amnesty International has complained that suspects do not always get fair trials. The country currently leads the world in executions, and the three men brought this year’s total to at least 65, possibly 68. [Ed. note: According to Amnesty International, Saudi Arabia reported 103 executions in 1999, placing it third in number of executions behind China (1,077) and Iran (165) and ahead of the Democratic Republic of Congo (100) and the United States (98).]

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