Last edited: April 03, 2005

Saudi Religious Police Busts Gay Wedding

The Saudi Institute, February 26, 2004

WASHINGTON, DCóSaudi religious police busted a gay wedding and arrested dozens of gay men in the holy city of Madina Wednesday, an official at the police headquarters in Madina told the Saudi Institute today.

The religious police arrested approximately 35 men in a farm in Azeezya neighborhood early Wednesday morning after it received reports of the wedding, said the official in a phone interview with SI. The men remain in jail, he said.

Unconfirmed report suggested the wedding party was between a Saudi and a Sudanese man.

There was no evidence the wedding is connected to the gay-wedding fever in the United States, after the city of San Francisco issued thousands of marriage licenses to gays.

Although Saudi Islamic laws ban homosexuality, the Saudi government rarely persecutes individual cases of it. The number of gays in the country is unknown.

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