Last edited: April 03, 2005

Saudi Puts Gay Wedding Party on Trial

The Saudi Institute, March 16, 2005

JEDDAHThe Saudi government arrested 110 Saudi men Monday on charges of attending a gay wedding, AlWifag electronic newspaper reported Today.

AlWifaq said 30 of the wedding participants were brought to Superior Court in Jeddah Today to face the charges.

The men were arrested in a wedding hall north of Jeddah on Monday while dancing at the wedding ceremony for two gay men, the paper said.

Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia and punched by death or jail. On Sunday two Saudi gay lovers were executed on the charge that they killed a Pakistani man, the government claimed.

The government bans most criminal defendants from hiring lawyers to defend them, and most trials are held in secret.

Last year the Saudi Institute exclusively reported the arrest of dozens of Saudi men attending a gay wedding in Madina. There were no information available on the fate of the men since.

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