Last edited: March 27, 2005

Saudi Executes Gay Lovers for Killing Pakistani

Reuters, March 13, 2005

RIYADH—Saudi Arabia executed two men on Sunday who beat to death a Pakistani to stop him exposing their “shameful” homosexual relationship, the Interior Ministry said. It said Ahmed al-Enezi and Shahir al-Roubli, both Saudis, ran over Malik Khan in their car, beat him on the head with stones and set fire to his corpse “fearing they would be exposed after the victim witnessed them in a shameful situation.”

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Saudi Arabia, a deeply conservative Muslim kingdom which implements a strict version of Sharia Islamic law. Convicted murderers, rapists and drug traffickers are usually executed in public.

The ministry said the two men were executed in the northern town of Arar, close to the border with Iraq.

Saudi Arabia has put to death at least 21 people so far this year. At least 35 people were executed last year and 53 in 2003.

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