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Pro-Gay Pols Take Issue with Romanian PM

The Washington Blade, June 8, 2001
World Briefs

By Will O’Bryan

ROMANIA — Eight members of the European Parliament have sent a letter to Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase expressing disappointment in the new governments proposal to maintain separate laws based on sexual orientation. Nastase had pledged to abolish laws that discriminate against gays.

"As you know, the European Union considers it unacceptable for legislation to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation," the parliamentarians wrote, in part, emphasizing Romanias bid to join the EU. "We were therefore pleased to hear the express promises of the newly elected Romanian administration regarding to resolve the issue completely and correctly. Consequently, we now wish to convey to you our profound disappointment on learning that the government has proposed new legal provisions which maintain separate and therefore discriminatory stipulations in the treatment of sexual minorities. The only legislation that is in compliance with European standards is legislation that eliminates all provisions that criminalize homosexual relations."

According to ACCEPT, a gay Romanian group, the letter was printed in most major Romanian newspapers. In contemporary Europe, Romania is regarded as having the worst record on equal rights for gays.

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