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Gay Romanians Seek Repeal of Sodomy Law

The Advocate, October 5, 2000

Gay and lesbian Romanians said Wednesday that they will ask the Council of Europe to begin monitoring their country again if Romania fails to repeal its sodomy law. "Ten years after the fall of Communism, Romania is the only council member state which denies rights to gays," Florin Buhuceanu, president of Accept, Romania’s only gay rights group, said on the eve of a conference held in the country by the International Gay and Lesbian Association. Buhuceanu said justice ministry figures show that 432 gays and lesbians are now in jail on sodomy charges, conviction on which can bring up to five years in jail. Romania wants to join the European Union, which bans antigay discrimination in member states. Romania was monitored by the Council of Europe, which consists of members from several European nations, after the fall of Communism in the country.

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